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Music HL Recital

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I was wondering what level of skill that the IB want demonstrated in a solo recital, as usual the mark scheme is quite vague, I was wondering if it was equatable to a specific grade (e.g. ABRSM Grade 6 etc.) I've asked my teachers and they're not certain, i was wondering if anyone here had any ideas? Also for the 20 minute recital is it important if your a little under?


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Hi! For my recital, I performed 3 pieces on the piano - Fantaisie Impromptu (Chopin), Clair de Lune (Debussy) and a sonatina by Clementi. The pieces were a mixture of grade 6 to diploma level. What I learnt though, was that the pieces only need to be about grade 6 or grade 7 level in difficulty - it is your playing that should be grade 8 level.

For example, you could play a simple sonatina by Clementi like I did, but you'd have to play it with sensitivity, respect to the conventions of the time (light, playful, no sostenuto, etc) and obviously it has to be accurate. The moderators are IBO for music are notoriously stringent in the moderation of music recitals, and they place a lot of emphasis on control, accuracy and convention.

I'd say that roughly, you need to be around a grade 7 or 8 level to get a 7 for your recital. Try to be safe - don't pick a "reach" piece, pick those that you're comfortable with. You don't get extra points for playing La Campanella. Play it solidly and with respect to conventions, and you'll be okay.

As for the time limit, make sure you are within 20 seconds of 20 mins if you're under. It's actually best just to go a few seconds over 20 mins. If you're just falling short, slow down one of your pieces by a bit. Just don't end up with something like 19:25 mins or something.

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