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Okay so I have been given this topic for my first eco project/assessment:

Select any Economy which is gone through the Transition Period and find out the problems its gone through.

I tried finding relevant information on the topic but failed to find spot on point,can someone help me out and guide me on how I should proceed?

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Interesting assignment, I must say. Since this is a topic in the beginning of the syllabus, this assignment gives you a chance for exploration :)

Anyway, I'm guessing you are acquainted with the term 'transition economy', but I'll state it anyways.

The term 'transition economy' refers to any country that is making the transition from a predominantly planned economy towards a mixed market economy.

I suggest you explore countries such as the former Soviet Union, but I strongly recommend you investigate Yugoslavia which consisted of 7 countries. You can investigate the positive and negative effects of the transition and take the ex-Yugoslavia countries as examples to prove your point.
For example, Slovenia is the EU (European Union), due to the fact that it succeeded to resolve most difficulties relatively quick. Croatia recently became a member of the EU. And then take a looks at Serbia and Republic of Macedonia- countries that are having more difficulties and obstacles on the way.

About the structure of the assessment, I suggest you ask your professor.

I hope this information comes in handy. Good luck!

P.S If you have the IB Economics book from Cambridge, I suggest you take a look at page 24.

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You could also do the Indian economy. The structure and amount of government interference has changed a lot since 1947. It's become more liberal and more capitalistic in nature. Look it up. It might be easy to write about. There's a LOT to write.

Any website on the economic history of India will help you.

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