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Writing about yourself? (need help for my IB application)

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I'm a future IBer, starting my first year of the program in september, and I'm seeking for some help with my application!
Yes, they're asking me to write about myself (my interests, hobbies, achievements, strenghts and weaknesses, plans for the future and so on. Oh, and they want to know my projects for CAS, as well). It's just that I've somehow realized that my writing skills have withered a bit, since I haven't been using English much this past year. I took CAE in November but I don't feel that confident about my writing skills... I need some advice on how to write this! I think they aren't asking for a proper essay, just a little text, three short paragraphs would be ok imo.

To make it easier for you to help, I've decided to formulate proper questions:
1) Should I say what my name is in the text? e.g., should I start saying "My name is ... ..., I'm seventeen and ...?"
2) Should I greet the reader/recruiter by saying "Hi/Hello"? ._.
3) Should I mention I'm an Aquarius? Or should I just say my date of birth? Or is it unnecessary?

4) Should I lie about me loving a certain sport? Back in Milan, I wasn't a very active person, I only went to the gym for two years (I swam there, too, but I never took an actual swimming class... Sometimes I would sign up for aquafit classes but there were only like three classes per month, so I wouldn't say it was a habitual activity). I actually love rollerskating, I used to go rollerskating twice/three times a week; I also like badminton a lot, but I've never practiced it, except for when we played games at school.

5) I don't know what they mean by "achievements", do they only consider certificates and trophies as such?
6) Is playing the piano ok for Creativity? And computer drawing/ making computer graphics?
7) I would like to join a Drama or a Glee club, or even found one if there's none at my school but I don't know if my school would allow this... Should I bring this up?

This is about it for now, although I could flood this post with many more questions!

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Definitely use the learner profile as the basis of your application. (http://www.bladins.se/Svenska/BLADINS-International-School/Learner-Profile/Learner-Profile-Awards.aspx). Try to include as many characteristics of the learner profile as possible (you can use a different wording e.g. "I'm curious by nature" rather than "I'm an inquirer"). When you mention the characteristic, remember to give an example. "I'm curious by nature and because of this I tend to spend a lot of time traveling getting to know unfamiliar cultures".

I think overall it would be best to write your application in essay-form (that's what I would do! but then again I went through the IB, so....). I would write it like an academic essay... All I'm saying is: put effort into it. You can definitely start with "My name is X and I'm Y old" after that just focus on answering what they want to know about you (interests, hobbies, achievements, strenghts and weaknesses, plans for the future). So, 1) Yes. 2) Optional. 3) NO (IMO, who cares?) 4) Yes! Don't say you aren't an active person. Keep it positive! Mention rollerskating and badminton definitely. Also mention that you enjoy badminton because it is a group activity and that you have learned a lot from your teammates. 5) Achievements can be anything you consider to be an achievement... Have you ever entered a competition? Did you get good grades in school? Have you learned a valuable lesson somehow and grown as an individual? 6) Yes!!! Creativity is really broad... Piano, computer graphics, drawing, dancing, singing, designing,... 7) Yes say that in the future you would like to found a drama club! Also explain that you enjoy expressing yourself, that you could learn a lot from it and meet new people.

I'm sure you will come up with many strengths about yourself. Weaknesses, however, mean the things that you acknowledge in yourself that you need to IMPROVE. It is OK for those limitations/weaknesses to be... moderate. Do not only list things about your bad side, but rather state a thing you could improve AND HOW YOU COULD IMPROVE IT.

Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

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