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Graph Theory IB Exploration

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Since I don't have a life right now, I decided to work on my exploration and to research.
And I came up with the idea of using graph theory to make the quickest route to travel 13 chosen countries that I plan to visit in Winter holidays and to use graph theory to make an exam schedule that requires the least number of days so that we can have our semester exams before the holidays instead of after.

BUT the problem, I think, with this is that graph theory isn't even included in our syllabus, it might seem too easy as the actual calculation isn't very hard and that I might not be able to fill in the 10 pages required. What do you guys think?

I really wanna include graph theory somehow and so any suggestion to use that in my exploration would me most welcome :D

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Graph theory doesn't sound easy to me, though I understand that it might be in the examples you are using! You are allowed to do things outside the syllabus, and I think for Maths SL where graph theory is not touched on at all (and at HL it is still only options material), this will be impressive. However, if you are concerned about simplistic examples, perhaps start off with your own real-life examples and then apply the same principles to more complex examples. Also, I believe that the 10-page-ish limit is a guideline, not a prescription. You can do a good IA which is shorter than that, though hopefully not too short.

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