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History EE- WWII

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So I have decided to change my RQ to:

To what extent did the U.S. fail in their attempts at foreign and domestic policy during WWII?

I realize that this would cover 10+ years of history, would this be a problem, and is my RQ too broad? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

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This is too broad. Your EE can cover 10+ years of history, but it's got to be on a topic that's really narrow and needs lots of examples in order to do that. With what you've listed, you're not going to have enough words to adequately cover this topic and you'll end up with a really superficial analysis. To fix this, just narrow it down some more. I would pick either foreign or domestic policy, not both. It's probably best to go with what you have the most information for to save yourself having to completely re-research and to have enough sources. It would also probably be best to limit it to a time period (i.e 1939-1941, 1941-45), with a certain country (Germany, Japan, etc) if you choose to do foreign policy, or focus on a particular set of foreign policy (foreign policy related to preventing war, domestic policy related to economic support of the war, etc) to make it narrow enough to get a full discussion on it. 4000 words seems like a lot, but in reality it's not, and you want to give yourself the most words possible by having a concise topic. :)

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The following are my concerns:

1. Yes, it is broad because you're spanning 10+ years of history.

2. Yes, it is broad because "foreign and domestic policies" differed between Presidents (Roosevelt and Truman).

3. Each individual foreign and domestic policy in any given year of its existence would be enough to span an EE and then some, covering all of them would be too much for an even a PhD thesis.

4. This is an overdone area of history and it is unlikely you will say or write anything insightful or groundbreaking that hasn't been said and written to death at this point. While there are no marks for originality of your RQ, it is much more likely that you will get a higher score for a relatively unknown and under-researched area of history, or basically anything that is not in the IB syllabus that you've studied at school.

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