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Theory of Knowledge Essay Help :(

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So, for my TOK Essay I have topic 3: Every attempt to know the world rests on a set of assumptions that cannot be tested. Examine this assertion in relation to two areas on knowledge.

Now the big question is: How do i come up with my Knowledge Issue? :tears:

My teacher never went through it properly with us in class...so...yeah

So far, my KI is: How is the claim justifiable through Human Sciences and Ethics, as well as, the WOK?

I could really use the help since I am at dead end. :urgh:


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uhh.. that knowledge issue isn't too good. First of all your knowledge issue is too broad you could write a 5000+ essay on that topic. You will already use the WOKs throughout your essay so I don't see the need to place it in you KI.

a good KI should be a question that explores knowledge and how knowledge works in an open ended way at a very high level – it needs to be high level so that you can compare the same issue from the perspective of different AOKs or WOKs. Often strong questions will start with words or phrases like ‘how’, ‘to what extent’, ‘in what way’, etc …)

source: http://mrhoyestokwebsite.com/Presentations/Hints%20&%20Tips/Extracting%20Knowledge%20Issues.htm

Something along the lines of 'To what extent can we use Natural Sciences and Ethics to justify our perception of the world through...' would be better

below are some sites that may aid you in formulating your knowledge issue;



hope that helped you ;)

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In TOK essays your knowledge issue IS the question they've given you. There's no need to come up with one!

Just pick two areas of knowledge, as they suggested, where you can think of some great examples of times when we can or can't test our assumptions and go from there. I suggest you pick an area of knowledge where it's easy to support the claim and also one where it's really not because it'll make your essay two-sided. The more extreme the better because it'll give you more solid examples. Don't complicate it - there's really nothing more to do except for think about it a bit, pick areas of knowledge where you can think of stuff to say and then answer the question. Why try to come up with a second question when they've already given you one?!

Knowledge issues are going to be expressed through your examples, in this case, so don't worry about them. Just finding and discussing an example = talking about a knowledge issue.

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