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Art EE Topic...i need help pleasey please

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Hey everyone!
I've decided to do my Extended Essay in Visual arts. since resources where i live are scarce, i ended up only finding information about Van Gogh. So I was wondering if anyone could help me with some ideas of topics or areas of his artwork that are interesting enough to write an extended essay about.

Another question for people that did their EE in art? How do you manage to write 4,000 words about art?! It's kinda daunting to me right now.... Any help would really be appreciated hey :)

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We cannot give you a topic, that's something you're supposed to come up with yourself.

Since all you can find about your topic is on Van Gogh (which I kind of find hard to believe, surely there must be something else), think about what about his artwork interests you. With a visual arts EE, you need to either analyze a particular artwork(s), an artist's style, or a few pieces within a larger movement and come up with a conclusion about it. Which of these would you prefer to do? Think about that. Also try reading some sample visual arts EEs and the visual arts section of the EE guide to get some ideas and learn what you have to do in order to do well.

I didn't do my EE in art, but one of my good friends did. She got to 4000 words because she had a good topic that allowed for a good investigation (she looked at the reasons for similarities and differences in the artworks of male and female pop artists in the 1950s). When you start writing, you'll realize that you don't really have that many words to work with, it seems like a large number but it's really not! You'll probably end up way over the limit and have to cut it down. Most people are and have to do this.

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