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Well, my topic till now was 'What effect does childhood abuse have in the onset of eating disorders in adolescents?'. But I read in the EE Guide that eating disorders is 'ambitious a topic and requires more time and experience than students have at their disposal'

I think I should change my topic, but I'm running short on time and want a good, potentially scoring topic that will have a lot of resources available on the internet. I browsed a lot, and considered linking substance abuse, homosexuality, learning disabilities/difficulties, personality disorders, etc with child abuse. But there's so much information I'm now thoroughly confused.

I also want to discuss the biological links, or causes of these.

Could I please have some suggestions on how to proceed? And what topic will be relevant to child abuse to analyse?

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I think for Psych EE's they generally say to stay away from the biological aspects because well..thats biology :P My friend is doing her EE on schizophrenia and she found quite a bit of resources for her topic. So I'm sure you can look into personality disorders. I think even substance abuse might be a good topic. But homosexuality and even eating disorders seem like they need quite a bit of research and patience.

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