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Business and Management EE - need help desperately !

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Guest veevee

Im really falling behind with my Business and Management EE (havent even started.....), and I need to hear some opinions about my research question:

''Should local newspaper *the name of the paper in my language* start publishing an online magazine? ''

Im thinking about going into bit more details by continuing the research question, like ''...in order to meet the needs of customers/survive in the market/???'' I just dont know how....One issue that I could focus on my EE, is the advertising in a paper magazine and in an online magazine and the differences of these, this has a ''business'' aspect on it and Im personally intrested in this kind of stuff...

So what do you guys think? Is this topic manageable, in keeping with the criteria, academic enough? What are your suggestions on what I could do differently or any other adive you could give? Just tell me what you think, asap please!!! Im really starting to let go the idea of making a great kick-ass EE since Im a biiiit short of time....

Thanks !!

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dude since we both are from scandinavia, i would strongly advise you to analyse some very well known company, such as Apple or microsoft or at least the competition between them. i am going to write my EE in physics i however going to do my ia in business on something about Apple and i am 100% sure that it will be interested for the reader to read. cheers mate

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