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Preparing for Pre-IB

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I'm going to be going into pre-IB in September and I'm wondering if there is any way I can prepare myself a little.

Lots of people say that pre isn't actually that hard and that no preparation is necessary, but I am currently stuck in a Facebook-less, YouTube-less, and friend-less country with nothing to do.

I've been reading up on cognitive science, but even that gets boring when you do it for four hours straight, so I figured that I would study something that I would be using in the next year.

So is there anything that could possibly help? Is there anything that you wish the teachers had spent more time on, or that you wish you had looked up before hand? Were there any gaps in the knowledge that you were supposed to have at the beginning of the year? Was there anything that your classmates struggled with? Was there anything that was difficult to understand, or that you still don't understand? Are there any books that it could have been beneficial to read (I heard something about 1984 . . .)?

The classes that I'm going to be taking are:

ELA 10-1 WCpreIB

Soc 10-1F WCpreIB

Math WCpreIB 10CF

Science 10 WCpreIB

Physical Education 10

FLA10 WCpreIB /H

Pure Math 20IBF

Chem 20IB

I'm particularly interested in Science, French, and, to a lesser but still significant extent, Math. TOK also sounds really interesting.

Thank you for your help, and literally anything you care to post below will help me, so please contribute in any way you can!

Thank you!

Edit: online textbooks would be great too!

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The most important thing you can do to prepare for IB is time management. Pre-IB will prepare you for the IB, and I wanted to prepare as well when I was going into pre-IB year, but only now I realize I had such vague idea about what was IB, that I couldn't do much.

You can read through syllabuses and stuff, but I suggest you start planning your time early, because without good time management skills the IB is going to a pain in your ... :)

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Honestly have some fun :) MYP is like a piece of cake compared to DP... So relax and maybe learn some time management skills so when you're in DP the workload won't drive you crazy

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I really wish I could have read more books when I was little. Start with magazines and newspapers and work your way up to novels and classics.

But really, going outside and enjoying some fresh air is nice too XD

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