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Multiple students using the same article?

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Before we went on summer holiday we handed in our second IA. This time we had to do one on International Economics and I decided to do one on tariffs. So I picked out an article and got it approved by my teacher. I handed in the IA in the beginning of May so I didn't have to worry about it during in-school end of the year exams.

Now during my summer holiday I was hanging out with some friends who also take econ, however they are in different classes (we have three econ classes). Some how we started to talk about the IA and I mentioned the article I had used for mine and they told me that they knew of other people in the other classes which had used the same article/news.

My question is if I can get in trouble by the IB if the same article was used? I got the article approved by my teacher and I never shared my work nor did I tell anyone what my article was about before I handed the IA.



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Completely fine according to IB Economics regulations/rules for IAs. Just make sure you don't write the same things in the actual commentary.

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