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Any tips for A1 Lit self-taught?

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Im taking Danish A1 Lit as a subject for IB and since i live in the Middel East i take it as a self-taught subject.

I am not very advanced in Danish and therefore i am paying for a teacher to help me from denmark. This all happens over the Internet.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a selftaught language in IB. Is it difficult or okay to take? Do you have any useful tips?

I appreciate any sort of comments and help.



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I do the pamoja education course online, which is accredited by the IB. I find that I still have to put in a lot of effort, so wow for the determination!

The most important part about this is make a schedule. And stick to it. I always put back the Spanish "lesson" time and sometimes end up not finishing my weeks work, missing deadlines, which is not good.

Also maintain perfectly written notes, because those are a lifesaver before the exams.

It is not going to be easy self-learning a subject, especially A1 literature, but if you are highly interested - it's alright.

Good luck!

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