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Extended essay on Physics, Inductive chargong

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Hello, I come from Hong Kong and I am studying IB in Sweden. My examinations will be in May 2014.

I am going to do my EE in Physics, what I have in mind now, is investigating the possibility of wireless charging. Which let's say, a small room with devices on wall that can charge a cell phone anywhere in the room.

The problem is I don't really know what I should really write. Should I carry an experiment, about how the position of the phone affect the efficiency? Or is this too simple. Should I do multiple experiments?

Another problem is many people have already got into the topic which they are professionals. Can I do those experiments which the results look obvious or have done by someone?

Thanks in adavance for all the opinions/ suggestions.

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Physics EE's done on experiments can make your life a lot easier, because you can then analyse and discuss your results and findings. I think you should do at least one experiment or a practice experiment leading to the main experiment. It doesn't matter if the topic has been explored by professionals before, just add your own twist to it. You'll probably already have to do this when setting up the experiment, because you may find you don't have the exact equipment as the professionals. This is ok, and something to include in your evaluative discussion about limitations and improvements. Just make sure the experiment is done by you. Your topic doesn't sound too easy, but to decide whether it's too broad or narrow you'll have to make sure you can condense or stretch it to around 4000 words. Bear in mind first drafts don't always conform to the word count.

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