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Advice for the oral presentation

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So I think that i am just about the least prepared for the oral part of my spanish ab initio class and i would really appreciate some advice on how to study for it. I did a practice one with my teacher and she said i really need to work on grammar tenses. Its not that i dont know them its just that it doesnt come out when im under pressure speaking. How can i train myself to speak with the correct tenses?

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How you can train yourself? I think really the only way is practice. Talk in spanish/german as much as possible. Practice speaking with other students in your class every day, or if this isn't possible, practice speaking to yourself. Talk to yourself while you're walking home. Talk to yourself while you're in the shower.

When I was learning my language, I practiced for my oral by recording myself asking questions and putting them on my iPod. I played the whole track and answered them every day until I was pretty much fluent and didn't even have to think about what to say. I'm not sure if your oral will be exactly the same as mine was, but you can at least practice the most common content that you're most likely to encounter.

Perhaps you could also make flashcards saying 'PRESENT TENSE' or 'PAST TENSE' or 'FUTURE TENSE' or whatever you need, then place the card in front of you depending on what you're answering, so it'll be like having a reminder while you're talking. After a certain amount of practice you could take away the flashcards and see if you've improved?

The last thing to do is just relax. After your teacher asks a question, take a moment to think about what tense you need. You don't have to answer straightaway, as in, in 1 second after your teacher finishes talking. I don't think there's nothing wrong in stopping for 3 seconds and thinking about what tense you need before beginning your answer. :)

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