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I am about to start my junior year and was planning to take my IB art this year so I can take a extra class senior year. I am considering IB Dance SL, but am worried about how I may perform in the class (grade wise). I have ten years of dance and gymnastic experience (quit freshman year to play tennis) but I wouldn't want to overestimate the rigor of IB and fail the class...just wondering from your experience if that will be enough after a two year break? I feel confident in my skills and such but, what exactly does one do in IB Dance? What kind of experience did you have before taking the class? Thanks! Any contribution and help is greatly appreciated!

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Hey, I just read the syllabus and the course description on the IBO website, and it seems like it's not only about the actual performance, but you have to study about different types of dance styles, like the culture that it arose from or the tradition behind it.

I am not quite sure about any specific details besides this, but I'll leave you the links below! ^^ Good luck!



btw, you put this in the wrong forum! I am not sure if you can change it thoughh..

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