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Help me with my topic question?

Hello guys! (new to the forum, first post!)

I'm going to start my second year of IB soon and I'm thinking of changing my topic ( I know..). My first topic was in World studies but I did not have a supervisor that fit my subject choices. So my second option has always been Group 1 in English Language and Culture (so thats category 3). I've been brainstorming topics on the same and this is what I've come up with:

How are teens represented in TeenVogue?

How are men represented in Men's Health?

I want to work on an EE that focuses on language and how it is employed to persuade a specific audience & how it affects society by the image it presents. Do you think the questions I've mentioned are appropriate for Group 1 Category 3? Is it a good question at all in the first place?

Also, what are the prospects of doing the research on these questions? I'm still somewhat confuseed about category 3 itself, does anyone have links to EEs in this area that could help me out?

Thank You!

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May2014, bring on the EE! :D hehe

Anything that has to do with language is Category 3 and your questions belongs here. I like your topic though I suggest you narrow it down by deciding if you want to talk about persuasion in advertisements or speeches. after you decide on this, you should narrow it down to choosing 2 speeches or (OR!) 2 ads to contrast and compare.

I suggest that if you can somehow get your hands on the Cambridge English Language and Literature book from Brad Philpot, take a look at it ;)

Best of luck! :D

P.S Before you decide, READ A LOT, get info from many sources. And don't worry if you even change your topic for a third time. There is still time, though don't overestimate it. The whole writing process takes you 3-4 days. But the research takes forever. Once you get your ideas organised and done lots of research, you can do it in no time ;)

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