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Help on Physics EE on Depth of Penetration

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My research question is:

"How does the area of point of impact and the weight of a projectile affect its depth of penetration in a sandy medium?"

But other than that, I would also like to consider this RQ:

"How does height at which a projectile is dropped affect its speed of falling and its depth of penetration in a sand medium?

Which RQ would be better?

For 1st RQ:

My theory is based on inelastic collisions / momentum. I plan on dropping a cylinder-shaped object into fine sand, and measure the depth of penetration.

The problems I'm having now is:

1) I have no idea what to write for the "Research Information" of my Annotated Bibliography, though I've got the links and are there any good sources to find out more about this particular physics theory? And which theory would be best for this case?

Annotated Bibliography Format post-124898-0-27492100-1375187699_thumb.

2) I am clueless on what materials should I be using and the methods to obtain this materials. How should I proceed on doing this?

Please help me on this, Thanks

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Research information would just be what you found after reading the relevant sections of the book/article/essay. Kind of like just a good one paragraph summary of the most relevant points. Read through what you've found so far and go from there. To find additional sources, look at where your current sources got their sources from. You might be able to find some additional ones in there.

You can use any type of material you want, it's your EE! You might want to experiment with different types of projectiles that all weigh the same amount, perhaps something made of plastic versus something made of clay versus a metal object, for example. You can buy these kinds of things in a store, ask your friends if they have things you could use, or see if your school has anything on hand.

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