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Psychology extended essay

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hello everyone, so i know that the IBO discourages writing your extended essay about pop psych such as certain topics regarding abnormal psychology. So my question is this, is dissociative identity disorder considered pop psych? i wanted to make sure so that i could be on the safe side.

oh and also, it would be greatly appreciated if any of you have any experiments for the internal assessment.

thank you very much :)

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Im also doing a my ee in psychology and i feel like my topic fits into abnormal psychology. Im kinda wondering the same question now i guess..

So according to dictionary.com pop psych is defined as "psychological or pseudopsychological counseling, interpretations, concepts, terminology, etc., oftensimplistic or superficial, popularized by certain personalities, magazine articles, television shows, advicecolumns, or the like, that influence the general public."

I think an example of that would be "reading peoples facial expressions to determine their mood" or something like that.. things you can read in magazines. But even then, I feel like it depends on how you approach the issue. For example regarding the topic about facial expressions, legitimate studies have been done regarding how emotions and facial expressions of adults are perceived by children. I feel like any topic can be made "EE worthy" as long as you write it using journals and professional sources.. dont make it a story. Besides just because its abnormal doesnt make it pop psychology. Yes many movies have been made out of disorders such as the one you plan on studying but they are based on true stories. If you can find legitimate studies to quote, analyze, and support ( maybe try to go more for the biological psych) I think it can work. To be honest I dont think it counts as pop psych anyway.. but I know what u mean, you dont want it to sound like a story.

Also, if it makes u feel any better, you can always research under sociocultural psychology and biological psychology. That way you get more of a researchers angle but addressing its role in society.

but this is all an opinion and basically how I plan to do my EE. I would consult your supervisor for definite approval.

Hope that helps :)

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yes it does help

thank you so much i really appreciate it

good luck in everything!!

my supervisor said that exact same thing, that if i take it from a scientific perspective then its definitely not pop psychology. So thats great


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