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Is this a bad article for micro commentary?

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I've done my micro commentary already. You can do it on pretty much anything you're able to write about. Mine was on oil prices in Europe. The only thing that seems to be a bit of a problem with your article is that it seems too short. But if you're sure you can write a lot on it, then go ahead.

Our teacher also gave us some of these tips, just in case you don't remember or are not aware:

1. Define or briefly explain any concepts you're using or that appear in the article.

2. Use a couple of graphs and diagrams to help you explain your commentary better.

I've also been told to take a look at previous commentaries so you have a feel of what to write.

Good luck (I hope I helped)

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Its different, i know but its also very direct and allows for analysis.. thats what i feel but i could be wrong, ive not done even one commentary yet


hey, the article is fine.. but i was told today that HL students are advised to work on market structure or market failure and preferably not on demand/supply.. unfortunately, i wrote a pretty good commentary on market equilibrium and so i might have to change it.. try working on market failure..

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