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Is this a good macro article?

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and yeah, i also found out that the articles we select don't necessarily have to be completely economic.. i mean they can mention people getting pissed off because of high gas prices for example, and we can involve economic theories in the commentary.. like inflation, in this case.. but i would do that only for the micro.. and dude have you written your micro yet?

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yeah im doing my micro commentary today actually :P

heres my article,


and my macro one is either this


or this


Thanks for your help so far :) any comments on these?

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i think the micro one is pretty good man.. damn i wish i found one like this before :P but yeah you should go on with this.. externalities and all that.. (Y)

for the macro just don't keep the minimum wage article as an option.. i don't recommend it at all..

yeahh the second article is nice.. it is short as well, so you can make a good macro commentary out of it cuz there's not much given.. that means you get to analyse more..

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