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English EE analysis query

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Hi all,

On another board that I was browsing, I read that,

"When you have decided on a topic, it is often beneficial to express it in the form of a question, as I said. This should not be a yes/no question. You should try to make it analytical in nature, as the IB will not award high marks to any English paper which is narrative in nature. I mean to say, "What is the effect of X on Y?" is a good research question. "What imagery is used in Y?" is not a good question because it lends itself to listing imagery in the piece of literature rather than analyzing its significance."

My own research question is, "How do the female protagonists of Leila Aboulela’s “The Translator”, “Lyrics Alley”, and “Minaret” resolve the common theme of culture clash?"

Suddenly I'm apprehensive about my question, and am wondering if it isn't analytical enough - any suggestions?

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Since this is for your English Lit. studies you will want to ensure that your question has a linguistic or literary focus. The current phrasing of your question encourages a sociological approach.

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