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Maths SL help!

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hey guys :)

I am doing my IA on human body ratios such as wingspan to height and the ratio of length of the forearm and hand to forearm ( I was thinking of using golden ratio 1.1618 for the forearm one.).

I already collected data and my teacher told me I can do mine on both probability and statistics, but I'm not sure what to do with it. So do you guys have any ideas for it? :) I already have graphs and standard deviation and average and medians and stuff, but is there a way for me to make a hypothesis and to prove it in a mathematical way? and also do you think i should focus more on the golden ratio :P


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Well, you can create a hypothesis null and alternate hypothesis and you can use your data and perform a T-Test or Chi squared test to prove your hypothesis. I hope this answers your doubt.

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