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how to structure an economics Extended Essay(pretty much the same for B&M)

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hey guys, i attended a workshop on the economics and B&M EEs and IAs today so i noted down the structure. i'll focus on economics though.. .my bad if there's already a topic on this..


***something quite important for all subjects, not only Econ and B&M.. never use 'I', 'me' or simply, never talk from the first person perspective(even in rationales and conclusions)

okay so i just found out today that we can also work on macroeconomics for the EE, finding a relevant issue.. so i'm going to change my topic..

following the structure below could get you easy marks in the formal presentation criteria, along with other things..

1. Title Page: - include your name, candidate number, school, supervisor, etc..

- ****more importantly, mention the topic as well as your research question. these two are separate.

-****include the word count

2.Content page: - for example; - abstract
- acknowledgements

- intro

-***however, if you're mentioning the introduction page, body, conclusion, etc. also include the subtopics(whichever aspects you worked on)

3.abstract page: maximum 300 words*** (work on this page at the end of your essay, even though you place it here..)

guys this is very important. the examiner usually goes through this before reading the whole essay.. so he/she will set his mind for marking your essay depending on how attractive the abstract is(if you know what i mean). it is simply an outline or an insight into your essay.

it consists of three sections; -rationale(how the topic has been derived, the reason for choosing to work on it, etc.)

-scope of investigation(which areas or theories did you talk about, how did you manage to work on the essay, something like that...)

-conclusion(relate this to your research question, mention the extent to which..blah blah blah)

4.Acknowledgements page: (not mandatory, but it is advisable) write a few lines on who guided you and helped you during the whole process...

5.introduction: (this is basically elaborating on the abstract page)

***however, here, you're not going to add your conclusion.. talk about the sources of data and all that stuff-*preferably 350-450 words*

6.body: -start off with the main theory used to investigate your research question

-interpret the theory(how it is applied in this context. use diagrams here)

-analysis(displaying your economic knowledge on the current issue)

-evaluate the theory( positive/negative effects. long/short term effects. effects on stakeholders.***don't give the solution here)

7.Conclusion: around 400 words;

- give a background on the issue in about one line then write the conclusion or give the answer to the RQ

-justify the answer in brief by using the statistics which have been displayed above, from your data

-suggest a solution(not mandatory)


9.appendix: -add any two scanned questionnaires from your actual set of questionnaires

-if there was an interview, write the questions with the answers.

and that's about it... sorry for structuring it poorly.. and feel free to add anything in the comments..

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