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Extended Essay - Language A1 - Is this appropriate?

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Hey Guys.

I don't usually go on forums for academic help, but the IB and extended essay have driven me to do so, and my supervisor hasn't been replying to me e-mails, for whatever reason.

So I have to hand in a draft soon, but had to completely scrap my original question and thesis on Song of Solomon. Now I'm back to the drawing board and want to know what kind of things are appropriate for the Essay. I went with a piece of literature that I was familiar with and that could be counted as a piece of literature, but I feel I could do better if I go with something I enjoy more - not that SoS is a bad book, it's amazing, just that I've read it too many times and studied it too many times.

So can I use the Wheel of Time book series as my EE literature piece? Perhaps talk about the way the author uses various devices to bring about something, or the allusions to other mythologies and pieces of literature - inspirations?

tl;dr - Is the Wheel of Time series approriate for an EE on Language A1, and if so, how is it allowed to be used, literary devices, plot, or allusions to other literature and mythology.

Apologize for any grammatical and spelling mistakes, don't really have time to waste at this point.

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I looked up the Wheel of Time. You can use it if it has literary merit. So that would something you could find out? We were told to use acclaimed books. Your book seems fine but will you be able to find secondary sources such as reviews and essays on it?

Then look for a kind of question that will not be directly answered. Something that goes "To what extent..." or "How far..." . You can use a topic based on literary devices, plot or allusions to literature or mythology but make sure it's not too narrow or broad. If there's a lot of symbolism in your book, narrow it down to one or two symbols. If you're talking about one literary device, make sure you have enough to write about.

I'm not sure if I'm being helpful but look up the criteria? They're really helpful.

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Yep, sounds good. But if you're under time constraints I would really really really urge you to go with a more 'main-stream' 'classic' piece of literature. You will probably have more to write about, and there will be far more secondary resources for you to reference (they are actually really important).

However, if you want to stick with your book, then the easiest extended essay in english usually come from picking a theme (e.g. death), and then examining how different symbols in the book demonstrate this theme. Sparknotes can usually start you on your way here, and then you can build on this.

I'm not personally doing this, but I have a few friends who are trying to produce drafts very fast, and they are doing very well using this course of action.

So easiest way would be pick a theme -> find symbols.

Good luck!

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