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Math topic help

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if someone could help with my topic for my EE. Today i chose "Mathematics in Poker" as a topic, but im really having trouble on some aspects.

First of all, is it "legal" to choose this topic? I really think it is, but im still doubting. Secondly, how can i narrow this? Poker is a very complex game as some of you may know

Thanks to all of you


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I don't see how such a topic could be considered "illegal", poker is a game like any other. I highly doubt they'll have any issue with this as long as you don't overtly encourage illegal gambling or whatever (which is quite difficult for a math EE).

When trying to narrow down your topic for a math EE, the most important part is to find some specific problem that you can attempt to solve. Notice that I said "attempt", it's fine if you don't actually achieve your goal, as long as you demonstrate that you've made significant progress. In this case it seems like you'd want to apply some mathematical ideas to the game in question. In the case of poker what comes to mind immediately are probability, combinatorics, optimization, game theory/strategy and/or some combination of those areas. So those might be some areas to start looking at.

Good luck!

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