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Is anyone here a Ramblin' Wreck from GT? My chances?

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Hey! So I found out about 5 days ago that Georgia Institute of Technology has my major. When I was younger it was my dream to go to Georgia Tech ( well it was after I decided that I didn't want to go to Harvard like I did when I was 7). I found out when I was about 11 that GT didn't have my major of Pre-med, however it seems to be a recently added major and so I would love to apply there. Their website says they have a 52% acceptance rate which makes me confident, yet I don't know because it seems to be a really good school so I don't know if I could get in. My stats are pretty low... For example:

1) GPA: 3.52ish weighted

2) SAT: 1620 (540 math, 550 reading, 530 writing)

3) Activities: National Honors Society, Scholastic Bowl, Marching Band, Pep Band, Jr. Class Secretary, Sr. Class Secretary, Key Club Vice President (Key club is a community service organization)

4: Volunteer: Hospital volunteer 9th grade, Hospital volunteer this fall, Nursery Duty every 3 weeks at church since 6th grade.

I live in VA, but pretty much all my family lives in GA. My dads side of the family is an hr away from GT and my moms side of the family is an hr away in the opposite direction of GT.

So, if anyone goes there, what do you think my chances of getting in are? And do you like going there? I'm hoping that since I'm applying Pre-med at an Engineering school it might help me get in since the program might be struggling for members.

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I don't go there, but this is my advice.

Your GPA and SAT scores are quite a bit lower than the middle 50% of students that apply to GT. According to the collegeboard website, 77% of admitted applicants had a GPA (unweighted, and keep in mind that each university recalculates your GPA based on their own standards to remove grade inflation and take into account each school has different grading scales) above a 3.75. Only 16% were admitted with a GPA similar to yours. The middle 50% SAT scores for reading were 600-700, 660-760 for math (but hey, engineers :P), and 610-700 for writing, so again you're a bit low. I wouldn't automatically throw your application out, you've got some good extracurricular activities and volunteer work, and I'm sure you can get a good recommendation or two. Usually for out of state students you'll want to be at the higher end of the 50% to give you the best shot, because while GT does have about 30% of its class as out of state/international students, it's still way less than the in state rate, so you want to be as competitive as possible. So with that being said, I wouldn't say you have no chance, but I'd say this school is more of a reach for you since you're below the scores right now. Perhaps try retaking the tests again and raising your GPA up a bit would give you a little bit of a better chance. :)

Also, are you sure pre-med is a major? Usually it's just a concentration, with medical schools you can major in anything you want as long as you meet all the requirements (so like, a philosophy major could be pre-med as long as they take all their science requirements and whatnot).

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Thanks! Yeah more like a concentration, I'll probably major in Biochemistry, Biology, or Chemistry. What I meant to say was that they never had a pre-med track when I checked before and now they do so that makes me excited.

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