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English Commentary Paper 1 & 2

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Hello guys ,

Can you please help me out by telling me how to answer the English paper 1 and Paper 2.

what are the topics to be dealt when analysing and if it is the same when doing the individual Oral Activity ?



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I am not sure what you are asking - the question is unclear. However, if you are searching for some common denominator for the P.1, P.2 and the Oral Activity, then quite simply they all require evidence of analytical thought, grounded on one or more specific texts that you have studied in class or have chosen in consultation with your teacher. And, by the way, direct and frequent references to the linguistic or visual features of the text is a must, even if the question refers to a general idea or concept. Therefore, always ground your ideas of language/image on specific (studied) texts. That way, you avoid losing marks for sweeping generalizations and platitudinous remarks and are in a better position to reveal real knowledge!

I expect you were askin g something else, but this is what I managed to gather from your 3-pronged (rather ambiguous) q. Clarify and maybe I can help more.

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