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Which university could I get into with a score between 34 to 36?

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Hey guys,
My main exams are coming up, since my school works on an alternative 6 month basis, I have them in September. These are the exams from which I'll receive my predicted grades. I really have no idea what score I will get. However, the school requires me to list universities I'm looking and to be honest, I haven't you looked up! I tried to look up but it is crazy. Requirements are varying everywhere, some have more credits, some require the SAT score, some don't! I will be giving my SAT exam in October. Assuming that I get an IB score between 34 and 36 and a SAT score between 2050 and 2150, what university can I get into? No university specifies a required diploma score or anything. In general opinion, which universities do students with scores in this range look at? (Focus on the IB scores more, in my case). I'm looking at USA mainly, but Canada is also to be considered as a secondary option.

Some university websites also say "These students have done exceptionally well in Science and Mathematics in high school" or something of the sort, even in the management and literature courses! I, however, have ESS as my science & Mathematics at SL. I have these subjects because I want to do management, not engineering. I do, however, have Business Management :P . I like Psychology, so I might want to do a minor in it. Again, I'm finding this process of university searching very tedious especially because I can't predict my predicted grades when I haven't even prepared for the course yet and the exam is a month away. Requirements & other stuff is also difficult. I really need some help. My basic demand still is a list of the universities where I have a "good" possibility of getting into with the scores I'm estimating. A general idea would be nice, as I mentioned earlier, mainly in US, but Canada is also okay.

I really hope I get into some respectable university in the States or Canada, otherwise I will have to look up universities/colleges in India :disgust: which will just be sad. :nonono:


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This whole university thing, it all basically comes back to you. What do you want to study? What major are you planning to take?. If you have those planned out, then you should start researching about the university that has the program that you're willing to study.gooddluck!

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