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English Extended Essay question

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Hello all,

After a lot of agonizing, I decided to do my EE on only one of the novels by my chosen author, as I decided that it would thus be much easier to focus. I just wanted some feedback on my new research question.

Essentially, in the book that I'm interested in, there are two characters who are polar opposites, both wives to the same man. They clash a LOT, in a way that highlights the clash between modernity and tradition in the novel, which is set during a time of great change in the country it's set in.

My question is, "How do the contrasted characters Nabila and Waheeba symbolize the conflict between past and present in 'Lyrics Alley'?"

There's quite a bit of material I can analyze, and I was thinking of splitting it in terms of 'age vs youth', 'modernity vs tradition', 'education vs ignorance', and 'Egypt vs Sudan'. Basically, one of the wives is young, Egyptian, modern, and hates her husband's country - she's a bit of a glamour puss and thinks it's backward. She's a narrator - and this is contrasted by th second wife, who is older, uglier, illiterate, clings to tribal traditions, but is fiercely proud and experienced in a way the first isn't. I thought it would be interesting to look at all of this in the light of the change that's happening in the novel, the forward march of time.

Any feedback? Is this going to not be analytical enough?

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It's been a long time since I saw the EE in English requirements but it sounds great and in depth enough.

One thought, perhaps you could tie your analysis into your world a bit and the current state of things.

Why would he do that? This is a Lit EE.

OP, your topic and basic outline looks fine to me. Go ahead with it. As you start compiling evidence/points, if you have too many themes, drop the least or lesser relevant ones.

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