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Disappointed and a bit nervous!

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Hi guys!

My final year is about to start in a few weeks and I'm getting more and more nervous about this. I am pretty disappointed with my grades this far:

Maths - 5

Economics - 6

English b HL - 5

Biology HL - 4

Chemistry HL - 4

Swedish A1 - 4

Total 28/45

I want to get 35 or more but am afraid that it will be too difficult for me. A big issue is my vocabulary and fluency in speaking, since English isn't my first language.

English b is fairly easy and the teacher said I could get a 7 with some practice. The problem is the other subjects where I don't want my fluency in English to be a contributing factor, since I have enough problems with them already. I planned to study during my summer-break to be well prepared but now it's only two weeks left and I haven't even looked at a book, neither have I started with my Biology extended essay experiment!! ... (I've had so much fun though ;) )

I'm getting distracted easily and I'm scared that I will have the same inefficiency once the school starts! IB in Sweden is unnecessary if you don't get enough grades to get in to a university abroad cause Sweden's "translation" of the grades is unfair. My dream is to study Marine Biology in Hawaii or Australia and that's the reason behind my choice of IB.

I have bad study habits and procrastinating a lot..

Any advice how to survive this year?

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Guest Maitri Fischer

YES for Marine Bio, great Major. Hope you'll be successful.

To your concerns... You could always get a tutor to help you out with the material you are learning.

However in the event that that is not an option, approach the IB in a systematic way. Most of your grade comes form the Exams, so just be sure to do a lot of practice tests before the exams. Get a friend to help you with your essays, papers, reports etc that will go for assessment. English should not be a serious issue here. I had plenty of classmates who didn't speak English well and excelled in the IB. Word of advice, read the IB grading criteria for your subjects and understand them. You can always ask a teacher to help you fully comprehend them. My Economics teacher always told me to 'know your enemy', and in this case the enemy is the grader who must comply to the grading criteria. So if you know hte grading criteria you can beat your enemy.

The best way to do well is to study really hard. Get used to sleeping 5-6 h a night. Ask your teachers for extra support. Most teachers will do this if you tell them you want a better grade. Student's who want to improve are the only ones I work with, and your teachers will be happy to know that you want to.

Best of Luck

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