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Problem of the language

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Good night everybody, in September I'm starting the IB in England, but actually I live in Turin and I've never lived in other countries so my level of English isn't very very good. I think it can compared to the Cambridge Exam FCE. Do you think I will have problems for the language during my course or not??

thank you very much

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Hey carlodorna,

If you mean your English courses, I think it would depend on what course you are planning on taking as there are various levels. For instance, there are the Language A courses, which are meant for native speakers or people that have that level. Within those Language A courses there are also "Language and Literature" and "Literature" with their respective SL and HL levels.

I am not sure how hard the FCE exam is, but, if I'm not wrong, you would fit either in the Language B or the Language and Literature, as this latter one doesn't include as much literature and analysis, so it won't be as harsh as the Literature course.

I hope this helped you ^^

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