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Hi guys! My question for today is if it is allowed to take this RQ for my EE: To what extent was World War Two a catalyst for British Decolonisation?

Why am I asking this ?

Here's why: There are many similiar RQ's out there and some essays already written, so my question is if it is okay to take same RQ and some of books mentioned in some of the bibliography's of peoples essays?

// Adrian

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How close to yours are the other RQ questions? Give a couple of examples of the closest-sounding ones.

The most obvious risk for you is the temptation to copy parts or reproduce ideas from these already-existing essays - an even bigger temptation if you are ever pressed for time! And already, you are taking sources from the bibliographies of other EE essays, which, though a natural action in most research, does not bode well here. It is, after all, supposed to be your own work, right?

See what your supervisor says. It could be that he/she will say it is "ok", but then you are left with a huge temptation and undue influence already. You will have to keep a very tight rein on yourself. Already too late, perhaps?

Sorry, wish I could be more positive... But I know myself and the usual human inclinations...

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I don't do modern history but your RQ sounds really broad and potentially needing longer than 4000 words to treat it adequately.

It's okay to do the same RQ as someone else, although it's not encouraged. So you should be "allowed" to do that question, so to speak, although I personally don't think it's a specific and focused enough question? I'm sure you've heard this before as well, but every/any aspect of WWII EE's are way, way overdone.

There's also nothing wrong with using the same resources as someone else. The problem is when you copy the same arguments from someone else's essay.

Even if you're using the same sources, the way you structure your essay and the way you argue the question should be unique. :)

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