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Physics Extended Essay on Indices of Refraction Help!

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Hello everyone!

I've been having difficulty finalizing a topic for my Physics Extended Essay. From the beginning I've wanted to do something with measuring Indices of Refraction, but it's been difficult narrowing it down and making it a good topic.

My most recent idea has been measuring the indices of refraction for varying salt concentrations, but I need to now apply it to a real life situation, a 'practical application'. I'm thinking the best place to find a practical application of it would be something in the oceans, perhaps relating to climate chance and the fact that the worlds oceans are getting saltier.

I would really appreciate any help on finalizing my topic. You guys are the best!


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I'm not sure of what the specifications are for the Physics EE, but you could focus on the albedo of sea-ice and water. It's not exactly refraction, but is still in the general area of optics. As sea water freezes it increases the salinity of the nearby water, thus affecting circulation currents, etc.


Here's a diagram I found that will help you out. Also, make sure to check out the Physics EE guide the IBO puts out. http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/documents/dp/drq/extended_essay/d_0_eeyyy_gui_0903_1_e.pdf

This IB topic would most likely count as a "Data-Based" approach.

You should be able to find data from governmental sources for this topic, and you always have academic journals to look at too.

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