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English B EE research question - Tennesee Williams

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I am writing my extended essay in english b on tennessee williams' 3 plays Night of Iguana, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sweet Birth of Youth and I can't choose which research question is better:

1) What is the role of female characters in Tennesee Williams' plays?

2) What is the role of animal symbolism in this plays?

The first topic seems a bit vague and it is hard to imagine for me the structure of final essay, the second seems more logic (since all the plays have an animal in the title hehe) but I am afraid that I won't be able to write 4000 words about it..

Which topic would you choose guys?

Btw, what is the beggining word limit for EE because I cannot find this in guide?

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Personally, i'd go for the second, for the reasons you have already given. I agree that you may find yourself pressed to fulfil the word limit. How about bringing up interesting points of comparison and contrast between the plays in the use/role of symbolism? This to my mind will invite far more discussion.

You could also refine your question to include a more obvious point of argument. An argument would require far more involved discussion (i.e. added grist for the mill) and take up more space for developing ideas than would a straightforward account of the different roles ...

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I also would go for the second question - it's too risky to choose a broad question.

Also, there is no beginning limit for the EE - it's just assumed that everyone will write around 3500-4000 words :P

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