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Need help with World Lit - English SL - Doll's House and Cherry Orchard

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Hey guys!

So, I am starting to write my World Lit essay for the English SL course. The two plays my class read were: A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen and The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.

Now, my teacher said that the World Lit has to show 'progression' from my in-class writing. So, the topics for my in-class writing were:

Doll's House - What effect can an audience member's own social perspective have on their interpretation of the play and its central message and characters.

Cherry Orchard - Money and Economics are at the heart of the play in The Cherry Orchard. Comment on the role they play and how they are represented by Chekhov.

So, currently I have an idea in my mind about where to go with the World Lit. I am thinking of going with the theme of Money/Wealth in both plays and how it represents change and influences happiness.

I can't really think of another way to go from my in-class writings. So, if you guys could help pitch any new ideas for the WL then I'd be really grateful - and also a few ideas/pointers on how I should go about the topic you suggest.

Thanks in advance :)

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My Literature teacher makes us write World Literature essay structures for the three books we are reading (Faust by Goethe, A doll's house by Henrik Ibsen and Cyrano de Bergerac by Rostand). Although it seems like an annoying process (it is), it really helps you clear your ideas about the topic. My in-class writing for Faust was about symbols, so I am choosing the write a structure about the conflict in Gretchen, where she presents dualism as a symbol of both purity/spiritualism and materialistic values.

I think what you pointed about money and wealth is interesting. Maybe when you say change you could talk about its transformative characteristics on a particular character. Try choosing something that holds originality (at least that is what my teacher says makes your essay different and better to write and read)

P.D : I found this guide really useful: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/9486-tips-for-writing-a1-essays-paper-1-paper-2-and-wl1/#WL1

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Be sure to focus on the literary aspects of both plays. This is vital to doing a successful essay. Though you mention "theme" there is no other indication that you are approaching the plays as works of art.

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