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Group 4 project

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The group 4 project is assessed internally by your teacher and will represent your grade for the Personal Skills rubrick. It is part of the marks that will make up your internal assessment, apparently:


× 2 = 12


× 2 = 12


× 2 = 12


× 1 = 6


× 1 = 6

The first three are the two lab reports (or separate sections that are worth maximum 6 points each) that are evaluated internally and sent off for moderation of the marking. (design, data collection and processing and conclusion and evaluation). Manipulative skills (MS) is a grade that your teacher gives according to your development in the practicals, from what I've heard (correct me if I am wrong) and the last points [personal skills] is the group 4 project. All together make a maximum of 48 points which constitute your IA grade.

Edited in:

The Group 4 evalutates the following:

Self Motivation and Perseverance (2 points max) Description: Approaches the project with self-motivation and follows it through to completion.

Working within a team (2 points max) Description: Collaborates and communicates in a group situation and integrates the views of others.

Self-reflection (2 points max) Description: Shows a thorough awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and gives thoughtful consideration to their learning experience.

(I took these from my course guide)

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