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Business and Management EE - Microsofts and Nokia's partnership

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My problem is that I cannot think of an idea of how to write a EE about Microsofts and Nokias partnership.. What Im thinking of is something like was choosing windows as the operating system stupid and should nokia have used android which is successful and free. This topic is interesting and I would like to write about it. How can I formulate a research question about this and keep it narrow enough? Thank you for your help.

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Well you seem to have started from the end, let's go back to the start, what subject are you writing your EE in?

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Wow I actually forgot to mention it.. Business and Management :)

Help please

OK now this makes more sense, apologies for the late reply I've been away.

So essentially you're looking at opportunity cost sort of thing. The pros and cons of Nokia using a Windows software whereas the demand is clearly on google products.

I'm very much influenced by economics, as that is what I do, so adopt this into a business and management framework as you see best.

do a preliminary study of why you would think that android is better so look at:

1. market breadth of android software (how many different mobile brands use it)

2. market debth: sales of these phones and compare them to apple and windows software

Use point 1 and 2 to make a deduction about the demand for android.

Then do some qualitative work on looking at how the interfaces compare. So have a play around with the 3 different OS and make notes of what is different (so scrolling, going back, dialing, unique functionalities). You can make deductions on what is more user friendly, therefore justifying your thesis that nokia should have gone with android (if you think it's true after doing this exercise).

what would a business and management sort of topic be like? does it have to do with management decision making, or entrepreneurship?

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