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Math Exploration- is my math too simple?

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So I had a question about my Math Exploration for my HL class. I'm doing it on the Tower of Hanoi. I've mainly talked about recursion to solve the problem of the Tower of Hanoi. I've also used mathematical induction to prove my thesis. Another concept I used was the transformation of graphs to find an expression I was looking for.

Do you think that this is too simplistic for a Math HL Exploration (in terms of the mathematics used)?


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It doesn't sound too simple, in fact it sounds kind of similar to one of the sample IAs. In terms of simplicity, it depends on how exactly you tackle the problem really and what exactly you decide to put in your essay. The transformation of graphs idea is one I haven't really come across, but it sounds pretty interesting. I think if you go down the transformation route, there'll probably be less about it. This could allow you to put your own specific stamp on your work, and go your own unique route.

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