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Maths SL to Maths studies?

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I am currently nearing the end of my first year in IB (last term) and I am having difficulty with maths. For my first test I got a 28% which I was of course not happy about. I wanted to change to Maths Studies after that but decided to stay in SL. My grades did go up to 58% in the first semester exams (still not that great, I know). We recently got a new teacher and I just had another topic test, and my score dropped to 22%. Now I am deciding -again- whether or not it would be a better idea to drop to Maths Studies as I struggle with maths a great deal.

I know it would be better for me, however I do not fully know yet what I want to do in uni. What I am currently thinking of doing is a double degree in Arts and Science. The science one would be marine science.

I want to study in Australia, preferably Melbourne (Monash or University of Melbourne) and I do not know if Studies will be enough. My other option is Germany, but I'm pretty sure that they do not accept maths studies (still need to check up on that).

My other subjects are:

Biology HL

Art HL

Geography HL

English SL

Spanish Ab nitio

Do you think I should change or stay in SL?

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I think that ultimately you want to be doing subjects that you can do well in - so on the basis of what you have related, I would be strongly inclined to encourage you to do Maths Studies. If you're pushing yourself from SL and have spent a year not knowing why you can't get good results on the test, then perhaps it is futile to push yourself through something that is clearly stressful and will lead to pretty bleak results.

That having been said, have you tried talking extensively to your new teacher? Other teachers? People/adults/fellow students who can give you more advice?

In terms of university acceptances, my impression is that Australian universities are very, very, very, very loose on prerequisites. They would certainly recommend Maths SL (or the state equivalent) for many science-based courses, but I would be surprised if they made it a prerequisite. If you did want to pursue marine science, then you might need a bridging course in maths. Though of course, if marine science requires much mathematics (I honestly don't know) perhaps that might make you change your mind about it. I've seen quite a few people who take Maths Studies and subsequently do incredibly well in their diploma, and subsequently study science-y things like medicine. I don't think Australia cares. Here are details from Monash for science degree prerequisites, and I'm sure that there's more that would pop up on Google. I think Sydney universities would have similar details.

And I know nothing about Germany, but Germany does sound fun!

Anyway, good luck with whatever decision you make. IB is stressful enough without agonising over maths subject choices. :)

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Although most universities in my country are very loose pre-requisites (as flinquinnster mentioned above for Australia, as well) I have heard that other universities abroad don't take Math Studies too much into consideration because of the simplicity and ease that the course represents. I am taking Math Studies (as my school doesnt offer anything else) and I got 7s last term. It is a really simple class, and if you really feel the need to drop to it, I think it would help you.

I recommend you to contact the universities you want to go to and ask about the pre-requisites. You should decide based on their opinion: Do they preffer you to have higher marks in math studies or a lower but passing mark in Math SL. I am pretty sure Art would go just fine with Math studies, but I dont know if marine science (marine biology?) would. There are always other options to bridge-through, as it has already been mentioned.

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