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Spanish Ab Initio - need help finding articles for written task IA

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I have a week until my written task for assesment. For this i must bring in 2-4 articles in Spanish and write about them. I am having trouble finding resources. My task will be on easter in spain, comparing it with australia.however, i am really struggling with where to find suitable articles as i only have the internet; I do spanish ab initio offline (it is not a subject at my school).

Any ideas where or how to look to find good articles? Just googling is not helpful....

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I am pretty sure that you could find some articles in spanish if you look at magazines. Also there might be some people on the site that are from Spain and they could have some! I speak Spanish as my main language, and I could procure you some articles but I live in South America (which I am probably correct when I say the culture is totally different), in Peru specifically (as my flag says).

If you would really like some articles about it in this country, PM me and I can look for some and send them in the proper citation format.

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