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Do we need to evaluate main sources for the EE

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hey guys I'm in the preparation of writing the EE on history and i was looking up tips online. I came across this website:


and one of the links to advice on essay writing led to this:


where it encourages you to evaluate some of your main resources like you would in OPVL.
It is done in the sample essays given on that website which were graded A's and B's. So my question is is it recommended that you do it or is it going to bring down my mark because most of the samples I've seen in general don't show it. is it a waste of words?
thanks for the help!

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Yes, you must evaluate your main sources, and I'd evaluate most, if not all, of your primary sources as well (and any especially biased sources too). It's definitely not a waste of words if you want to score well. You don't have to do a full paragraph on each source, just maybe a few sentences here and there where relevant. You should try to integrate these into the body of the essay, but you may be able to get away with sticking them in the footnotes (but be careful, examiners aren't required to read what's in the footnotes, and if this is where you put all your OPVL then they may take off some points).

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