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Geography EE help!

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I'm doing a geography EE where I compare the accessibility and function of two "districts/small areas". I'm not quite sure how to collect primary data.

My supervisor has suggested doing a visual survey of people by judging them purely on how they are dressed and the kinds of shopping bags their carrying etc.

I was also planning on going to the areas and noting the functions of all the shops in the area. Does anyone have any more recommendations on how to collect primary data for this?

It would be super helpful!


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I did my Geo IA relating to land-use function in an urban-ish area. The way I noted land function was to actually visit the whole site, and not only to take photographs but to make my own scale land-use map of the whole area. This kind of mapping is quite a common skill, so I guess it would be good to include it. Our class did it in groups, with people taking different sections of the site and then measuring/guestimating distances with a trundle wheel, whilst simultaneously noting the function of each building and also taking photos. Apart from mapping and photos, you could do surveys of people to determine what they are doing or even pedestrian counts for popularity.

I would suggest you look in geography fieldwork textbooks for inspiration - there is a lot you can do, so don't worry about a lack of primary data.

However, I'm afraid I don't know very much more about Geo EEs. Good luck!

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