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CAS help and ideas

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Hi guys. I have only one idea for CAS but I'm not sure if it would count. My teacher suggested helping out at the Boys and Girls Club locally. I also wanted to see if possibly providing a science class for the kids would count for CAS. If anyone has any ideas for anything else I could do, it will be greatly appreciated.

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Almost anything recreative can count for CAS if you word it correctly. Boys and Girls Club would definitely count as Service, and so would tutoring or teaching. It depends on your CAS advisors policies, but even small things can count for CAS. Here's what I've done so far:


- Learn to draw a dragon

- Pottery/Sculpting classes

- School musical theatre productions

- Choir performances


- Weight-training competition for charity

- Do 50 pushups a day for a month

- WarriorDash training and race

- Archery competitions


- Read spanish to kids at an international school

- Translate for parents who can't speak English at school conferences

- Donate my hair to Locks of Love

- Hospital Volunteering

-Weight-training competition for charity

This is just a suggestion, of course. Just take whatever you enjoy doing normally and set goals. Everyone's CAS is different according to their interests, so join a few clubs and organizations and try something new.

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