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Hey guys, I'm in a lot of trouble right now....

My school's starting our predicted exams from 30th August'13 and I'm having trouble in business and management.

Putting in the effort is not the problem, but I no clue on how to write an answer, every time i get a 4, where I worked for a 6 or a 7. Can someone please help me to learn how to write the answers?

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Are there particular types of questions that you find yourself getting stuck on more than others?

I.e. is it the 2 mark definitions, the 4-6 marks "discuss" or the 10+ mark "evaluate" kind of questions?

For definitions: A sentence or two with the definition, then linking it to the case study in some way is often good.

For 4-6 marks, if it just says "Give one advantage/disadvantage" then do just that, but if it's a discuss question, you should still try to make your answer kind of 'balanced' - so discuss both advantages and disadvantages.

Similarly, with the really long evaluate ones, you need to write both sides of the argument, as well as having a 'conclusion' where you kind of decide which option is better/whether it's more advantageous/disadvantageous.

Avoid being vague - so don't just say "One advantage is increased profits" - but give some detail - why and how would they be getting increased profits?

If you know your content and apply it to the case study - I'm sure you can do it!

Oh, and just try to make sure that you generally integrate the case study into your answer :)

If you're still stuck, you could try looking at markschemes for past papers and seeing how they structure out the content needed for answers. Try doing some practice papers? Try talking to your teacher perhaps? So I wasn't sure exactly what you were looking for but I hope this helps! :)

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