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Math IA help.

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Hello everyone,

My math teacher gave me 3 weeks to come out with a topic for my math IA. Basically I have one in my mind but I don't know exactly how to bring the mathematical link in it.

My plan is to incubate a set of 10 eggs and to find the success rate. For incubation both temperature and humidity is involved. Here the temperature is the controlled variable and the humidity is the dependent variable. My aim is to find at which temperature will the hatching will be maximized. For that I am going to conduct a series of 3 experiments involving 3 different temperatures. I thought of plotting Temperature vs humidity graph, but I am not too sure about that. Is there any other mathematical theory I can link this experiment to? Probability and stats are yet to be taught and will it come under that?

Any suggestions are welcome and I would also appreciate if any one of you can tell me whether plotting of graph is can be done.

Thanks !

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Ummmm... First, it sounds like a biology lab to me. Secondly, why on earth would you go to such lengths to write a MATHS IA? I guarantee you you won't get rewarded for all the effort you put in it. It'll take shedloads of time that you could put into perfecting the IA itself or some other subject. Try finding something that would be easier and quicker to perform.

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