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Scared of IB, finished Middle Years Program

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Hi guys, I'm Sam and as the title suggest,

I'm freaking scared of IB which is starting next week for me.

Did the MYP for middle school, and it was a breeze, love essays and reports to tests anyday.

Are there any threads that can help alleviate my fears by 'cheat codes' or prep notes?

Thanks all, and any replies are appreciated!

Chosen subjects

English A HL lit and language

Chinese B SL


Psychology HL

Chem SL

Math SL

I am aiming to get into law

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If you loved the essays and reports in MYP, IB should be a good fit for you. Almost everything is in essay format. Those who have the most trouble are the usually ones who are overwhelmed by that at the beginning.

I don't know what classes would be required to get into law, but you sound like you're on the right track :clap:

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed "cheat codes". For help with specific classes, just search around the forums. There's all sorts of topics. Some other study sites are helpful as well, and video how-tos and invaluable when you get stuck.

Best of luck for next week (Y)

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Don't stress to much - IB is not as bad as it is made to sound - just don't procrastinate (that's usually the most common cause for worry!!) and stay organized :-)

As for prepping - my advice to you would be to fully utilize this forum - like the previous person has mentioned - there's a lot of helpful threads that will help you out!

Also check out this website for chem - I found it helpful for reviewing:


And look for "Richard Thornley" on youtube - he is GREAT at explaining IB chem material. It was helpful for me to watch his videos to understand some concepts.

You can google math IB questions from previous exams - those are helpful to review for math tests.

As for English - make sure you keep up with reading and participate in class discussion - should be a breeze if you love English like me :-)

Those are the only subjects I can help you out with because those are the only ones I have in common with you - but I hope I was of some help to you!

Good luck :-))

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It really is that bad. I dont think it's worth lying to you about this. it is a lot of work. it is.

But then everything in life worth doing is! You just have to try your best and know that it is all going to be worrht it in the end!

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