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B&M Extended Essay!

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Im thinking about writing my EE about the partnership between nokia and microsoft.. The research question I have came up is: how effective has the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia been as a growth stragtegy for Nokia? Is this too broad? How can I narrow it down? I want to talk about the affect of it on nokia.. Thanks for help!

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This is absolutely way, way too broad. :) You definitely need to change the "growth strategy for Nokia" part to make it a lot more specific.

Growth strategy could incorporate lots of things - increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, making more products, having more stores.. so maybe pick a specific thing… and even then it might still be too broad.

Perhaps pick a specific country/region as well.. or if you're looking at products, a specific product.

Check out what resources/information you have available to you as well - if you've done some reading and research, you might find that if you've got a lot of stuff you could write about for your RQ (more than 4000 words), then your topic is probably too broad.

& don't forget to talk this over with your EE supervisor because they should be guiding you through this process. :)

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