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English A1 or Self-Taught A ? Any ideas?

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Hi, I just started IB last week.

These are my courses that i'm taking:






English Lang & Lit

Spanish B


I'm facing a dilemma choosing between English Lang & Lit A and Self-Taught A1 (Thai). I'm study in China so I can take either English or Thai both in SL for language A. I'm ok with both Thai and English literatures (except for english poems...). But English is my second language and taking English A1 might reduce my overall score (._.). If I choose to take Self Taught course then I will change Spanish B SL to English B HL. I'm planning to study engineering program in Thailand or United States. So whether i'm English A1 or English B, I still need to take either SAT, IETLS or TOELF to get into the university right? I'm also concern about English B if I take English B HL, the chances to get into aboard universities besides Thailand will be lower right? ._. Anyway, should I take Thai or English as a language A.

Thank you!

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I think if you're comfortable taking English A then I highly recommend you take that. I know that quite a few universities accept that as an official English qualification so you won't have to take IETLS or TOELF. I'm taking self-taught Spanish and find it quite difficult to keep up without any real teaching. You should also keep in mind that English A focuses more on Literature than it does on Language, so as long as you can analyze the literature your English will most definitely improve throughout the programme.

Good luck!

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Yep, I agree here with battlescarves.

Here's another reason for taking English A: self-taught without the dedicated support of a knowledgeable tutor can be very hard. You need tons of motivation. Going to class every week may be a pain, and even boring at times, but at least you are forced to attend and learn. You are not left alone, and procrastinating.

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