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Biology EE - Bacterial Transformation

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Hi lads, I need your help as soon as possible! I have my EE draft (school deadline) due on the 30th of August, and I'm unsure of whether my experiment will be good enough. What I was thinking of doing is to perform a bacterial transformation, and when I've done so, I would incubate them at different temperatures. Therefore, my independent variable in this situation will be temperature. I'm still doing research on the optimal temperatures for incubating bacteria to prevent it from dying. But in a nutshell, after incubating the bacteria (after transformation) at different temperatures, I would then extract the plasmids, and then run them through gel electrophoresis. My predictions would be that the denser the bacteria is, the lesser the distance it will travel, and vice versa. Please help! My deadline is approaching fast!!

Thanks in advance! (:

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Listen, I am also doing my extended essay on biology. Listen to me very carefully! (and do that) DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH BACTERIA!!! everyone is doing bacteria, literally everyone. I wanted to do bacteria because i thought it was easy and i had found many guides! Listen what I am doing right now and it is unique and there are more chances that I'll get an A. Examiners are bored of bacteria, they don't even look at the EE's and they just mark them.

So what I do:

I eat different food which have a different glycemic index (the rate at which they increase your blood glucose). I have one that increases it a little (low glycemic index), one a little more (medium GI) and one with a high GI. I eat these foods (one on morning, one on noon, and one on evening) and take blood sample every 30 minutes for 2 hours for each food. You must eat them separately!eat the first for two hours, let the glucose falll to normal and eat the next meal. Eat many different meals of different glycemic index and maybe have a scale of 1-10 for your appetite and try and see how each food based on its glycemic index make you more hungry or not! do some research on the internet. Search Google Scholar (not google) for scientific articles!

Leave the bacteria!!!

I wish you best of luck!

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