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English B extended essay

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I'm going to write my extended essay in English B and I've been thinking about a topic for several of days.

At last, I'd came up with something but I don't know for certain if its valid.

This is from ABC news;

“Paola Hernandez, 15, said a boyfriend tried to pressure her to allow herself to be bitten. ‘He said, “I love you and that’s the way I want to show you,”’ she said. ‘I didn’t give in because it was kind of idiotic.’ She said some of her classmates, mimicking on-screen vampires, even cut their skin so they can taste one another’s blood. ‘That means you’re stuck with them, they have your blood inside of them and you have their blood and so you’re closer to each other,’ she said.”

Do you think it is okay to write about how the American vampire pop culture is affecting the teenagers?

E.g Twilight; How amicable and not ''dangerous''Bella describes Edward, creates another perception of vampires, make teenagers believe that drinking blood is not as bad as it sounds.

This is just an example; if this is possible, how would you formulate the research question?

Appreciate your help!

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No, this does not sound like an appropriate EE for Group 2.

The EE for this group requires that you research some aspect of the culture you are studying (Anglo-Saxon). It is not meant to be a sociology essay, which is what you are proposing here.

To quote from the part of the guide that applies most to you in this case (category 2: Culture and Society): sub-category A " the essay should be an analysis of a cultural nature that describes the impact of a particular issue on the form or use of the language." Or, for subcategory B, "...analysis of a general cultural nature based on specific cultural artifacts."

Not an analysis of the impact on behaviour, which invites behavioural explanations (sociology and psychology), but an analysis of language or cultural artefact.

Does this help?

Edited by Blackcurrant

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Well first of all, I agree with Blackcurrant (delicious name btw,). But I feel that this topic would be more appropriate in the field of psychology and not for English B. A more suitable topic for English B would be how Stephenie Meyer's language makes it seem that Edward is less dangerous - Which of course is not a very good example but I hope you see my point? Although, I would personally stay away from writing and EE based on Twilight or The Hungergames.

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